A selection of (more or less) jazz projects I'm playing with:


Chad McCullough-Bram Weijters Quartet and Duo
One of my longest running bands! I'm co-leading this half american,
half belgian band together with Chicago based trumpeter Chad McCullough. 
We have played around 100 concerts in Europe the US and even Russia
and up to now we recorded 3 quartet albums and we also did one duo album.
All original compositions, often described as contemporary and lyrical.


Bram Weijters Quartet
This is my belgian quartet, featuring some top players, who also compose and lead their own bands. 
We're playing original music by me and the other band members. 
Contemporary jazz, grounded in the tradition.


Bram Weijters trio
Throughout the years I've always loved playing in trio with bass and drums.
We're focusing on original compositions, occasionally adding some jazz standards as well.

Run by bass player Piet Verbist, this band incorporates influences
from rock and soul over straight jazz to world music  and free improvisation.  
Intensity, groove and energy are the main ingredients.
Hamster axis of the one-click panther

The band-spirit is somewhere between furious and classical,
or better... a hybridization between a hamster and a panther.
Energetic, unpolished jazz with a nice portion of humor.
Mazzle (Koen Nys)
Over the years I’ve played a lot with Koen, first in het quintet, and now in this
trio that’s inspired by Joshua Redman’s elastic band.  Keyboards, drums and tenor.



Jazz trio without drums under direction of Marie-Anne Standaert, trumpet.
Jelle Van Giel Group

The Jelle Van Giel group is a 'searching-for a-new-direction- in- jazz'
crossing over from jazz into rock and classical music to deep African rhythms.
It was founded in 2011 by drummer Jelle who was searching for talented, exciting
and driven musicians for his newest project.

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